Colored Glass offers Permanent Color!

Glassact Studios Colored glass inlays
Permanent Color with glass inlays

Like the oldest European cathedrals that still have their original stained glass, ColorFusion inlays will never fade and will hold their original color for an indefinite amount of time. Compare that to the current industry standard of painted color that has only a 3-8 year lifespan.

In order to give the glass its strength and beauty, it is heated multiple times and spends well over 30 hours in the kiln. This technique gives ColorFusion glass a high resistance to scratching, and a strength that is as hard as many types of granite. It also gives the glass a glossy, brilliant appearance that cannot be duplicated with any other product.

Over a million dollars and countless hours were spent developing and testingColorFusion glass. This includes finding the highest quality materials available to use for installation of the inlays. ColorFusion glass is bonded to the granite using an industrial, epoxy-like adhesive that is specially made to adhere glass to stone. The adhesive has a tensile strength of over 2,500 pounds per square inch, ensuring that the inlays will never come loose. A top of the line, colorfast grout is then applied, permanently sealing the areas around the glass and granite.

ColorFusion glass adds unique beauty to any memorial, and is another option that Daltonís Memorial Engraving gives their customers to create a truly one of a kind monument for their loved ones. We are proud to be one of the exclusivedealers in the state to offer ColorFusion inlays to our customers.